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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Letter 2015

Merry Christmas

2015 has been a great year! We've grown a lot as a family and made lots of new memories. 

Brent is now working for a company he really enjoys. It's called Renatus. They create and market videos that teach about how to invest in real estate. He does customer service and QA. He works close to home and really enjoys the people he works with.

Brent is continuing to work on finishing his Bachelor's Degree. He has one more class! Wahoo!

M'Recia is still doing photography and enjoys the people she gets to meet and the events she gets to be a part of. She is also spending her time volunteering for a non profit that she is helping get off the ground. It's called Utah Infertility Resource Center ( She really enjoys the chance she has to use her Social Work skills and help others. 

Patrick is 20 months old and growing like crazy. He loves signing and signs about 30 words. He is also talking up a storm and repeats most of what we say to him these days. He loves Curious George, Trains, airplanes, cars, and our dogs.

We've had some fun opportunities this year. We went to California in the spring and Patrick got to experience the beach for the first time.

Brent got to go paragliding. 
and M'Recia and Brent both rode in a hot air balloon. 

Most of all, we've just enjoyed lovin' on our sweet little man this year. 

And just because people have been asking, we are hoping to adopt again. Please check out of profile and share it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas! 
 2014 has been the best year of all!

In March of this year, Brent and I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland and Scotland with our friend Annie. 

Ireland is one of the most beautiful places we've ever been. We loved the history, the scenery, and the people!

Scotland was equally amazing! It was fun to see castles and kilts and hear bagpipes playing in the streets of Edinburgh. 

In May of this year, we got the surprise of a lifetime! A month old, preemie, baby boy was up for adoption in Arizona.The spirit told us that he was ours and we adopted him sight unseen. We packed the dogs in the car and drove to Arizona a family of 2 and came back a family of 3!

We love this little boy so much! He is the perfect addition to our family!


He is growing up so fast!

We had the opportunity to finalize our adoption and be sealed to our Paddy in November of this year.

Life is pretty grand.  Brent is working on finishing his bachelor degree in English and plans to pursue either a Master's Degree in Social Work or a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling. He plans to be a counselor. He is currently working for an app company called "my time."

M'Recia quit her day job to be with the baby. He's had numerous trips to Primary Children's for testing and surgeries and she's been able to be with him. He is doing very well. He had kidney surgery this year and his health is great!

M'Recia has started doing photography professional to keep her active and to help support the family. People have been very supportive and have kept her pretty busy. Her work can be viewed at . 

The dogs have been adjusting to life with a baby boss around. We fenced our yard earlier this year, so they've had a place to go run around when crying babies get on their nerves. 

Hoping you have a magical Christmas and a wonderful 2015!


Brent, M'Recia, Patrick, Beast and Belle

Monday, July 14, 2014

3 Months

My little laddie is three months old, and we've now been a family for 2 months! 

He's continued to bond with his puppy family.

We had a fun fourth of July.
Tricky enjoyed watching fireworks (at first). 

And he tolerated mom's desire to have cute pictures of him in a hot air balloon.