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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Basically, I have the best roommates every. They threw me the nicest birthday party. It was such a nice thing to do for me my first birthday away from home. The best part is that I was totally clueless about the whole thing.

I had most of the day to relax. Claire called me at about 5:30 to find out if I wanted to go to the park. I told her that would be fun especially since I was sick of voice off. She came around at about 6:30 and we invited Kate to go with us to the park. She declined, saying she had too much homework. We started walking to what I thought would be the park, but it turned out we needed to drive (a little detail Claire forgot to mention) and I left my car keys in the apartment. When Claire started asking where I had parked, we turned around to get my keys. When we got back to the apartment Kate was gone. I didn't really think much of it, figuring she'd gotten sick of voice off herself and that she'd gone away to study. When we got to the park, Claire and I got out of the car and I commented on how nice the park was. I looked around and said, "CLAIRE, look how cute! Someone is having a party with green balloons!" She said "yep" and then "I think we should skip!" We started skipping over and I didn't realize that it was MY party until I was staring my at roommates and even then to took a minute for it to click.

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