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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Festival of Colors

Wendy and Me at the Festival of Colors, March 29, 2008

First off, I have to say sorry to anyone who was actually reading this blog. I figured no one was reading it so I stopped posting. Anyone who wishes to can slap my hand.

So, this weekend I was in the SLC area for my mom's birthday and had a grand old time with my family. And, since I was in town, I decided to attend the annual Festival of Colors in Spanish for Utah.

The Festival of colors, according to the powder bag that I kept, is also known as Holi.

"HOLI the festival of colours has been a very distinct event in India since the times of Bhagat. PRAHALAD, the son of Harankashyap, who being a autocrat King, forced his countrymen to worship him, instead of GOD. THe defiance of Prahalad led to many tortures given to him by the King, one of which was to be burtn alive. "Holika" the sister of Harnakashyap volunteered to take Prahalad into a flame of fire as she was in possession of some magical powers by which she was immune to fire. But Prahalad, with the Grace of God was spared and Holika was destroyed by the same fire, she was not susceptible to. Since that day, this festival came into existence ie. THE TRIUMPH OF TRUTH OVER EVIL"

Obviously, that wasn't written by someone who speaks English well. From what I could tell was that an aristocratic King decided that his subjects should worship him instead of God. Prahalad worshiped God anyway and so the King's aunt, who was supposedly not able to be killed by fire, volunteered to take Prahalad to the flame. Turns out that God saved his follower and Holika was killed. I'm not sure what that has to do with colors. But, I heard that it was to welcome in spring. Anyway, this festival was a LOT of fun and I will be returning each year. I enjoyed the "clean" fun and the cultural experience!

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Kira said...

Wow! This looks like so much fun! I love all the colors!