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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Playing Mommy

So, I made it to Denver relatively safely. I got pulled over in Laramie Wyoming and got a $120 ticket for going 88 in a 75. Oops. That's a big one to bite. ): I lost my gas cap a few more miles down the road because I left it on top of my car. I was in this po-dunk town buying gas. Half the pumps didn't work and the ones that did were super slow. It took about 20 minutes to buy 10 gallons. The man at the pump came over when I got to about 10 gallons and told me to stop. So, I did. It really distracted me though, so I totally forgot about the gas cap. I got on the freeway on ramp, passed the hitchhiker, and watched out my rearview mirror as my gas cap bounced away. I had to get on the freeway, get off at the next exit, turn around, get off the freeway again, and then pull off the side of the road on the onramp I lost the gas cap. I was really hoping the hitchhiker got the idea that I wasn't looking to give him a ride, but that I was looking. We found the gas cap and were on our way.

Anyway, Matt and Kathy left at 5 am on Thursday morning for Hawaii. They won't be back until Friday afternoon. That's right ladies and gents, I have the kids for about 9 days! I'm currently half done with day 4. Anyway, I thought since it was mothers' day I would list the few things I've learned while playing mommy.

1- 18 month old kids will put anything in their mouths
2- Kids can go from clean to messy in .05 seconds
3- It's not as easy as it looks
4- Naps are amazing
5- Babysitting when you're sick is hard
6- I like adults too
7- Kids are very impressionable
8- Fruit Snacks are almighty
9- Kids do not like having their hair washed
10- Bedtime is a beautiful thing.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


You know that David Bowie song, I think it's from Shrek. For any of you who are curious about David Bowie's Changes, look here:

Anyway, just when things seem to start feeling normal and smooth, things change again! I finished with finals on Friday. Mom came later that day and loaded my loads of stuff into the Durango. It was about then I realized that I had way way too much stuff. Once we got back to the old house in Farmington, I unloaded everything in the kitchen and filled 3 boxes and 3 garbage bags of stuff that I'd abandoned at the old house. After whisking it off to D.I., I started filling my room with everything from Logan. It's scary to see how quickly I could fill the room and to know that in a few months, it's all going to have to fit into a much smaller room. I guess that's the beauty of purging.

Anyway, I'm now preparing to make the long drive to Denver tomorrow. I'll pick up my friend Candace at about 9 or 9:30 and then drive the 7.5 hours. Hopefully we'll have enough to talk about to pass the time. Anyway, wish me luck!

It's been hard coming back from school. I really loved it there and can't wait to come back.

Oh, and 8 1/2 months until Brent comes home! (Who's counting?)