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Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Summer Job

Boxes that need quality checks, but have the audio digitized

Boxes that can be sent back to New Mexico

I was lucky enough to get a really crazy summer job. Kathy was able to contact a family in their ward that owns their own business and has a huge project to get through. I started working on May 30 and will work until June 28 or so. John and Paige own a company called Thick and Mystic Media. They do all kinds of things but the project I'm working on has to do with cassette tapes. A court in New Mexico had somewhere around 100,000 cassette tapes (recordings of court proceedings) that needed to be converted into MP3s. The Hadfields had two months to make it happen. I've only been around for the last month of the craziness, but it's been crazy. We have 40 tape decks running about 24 hours a day. Each tape takes 45 minutes to run and about 15 minutes to load. We've run into about every problem imaginable. We blew a fuse in the basement, the programs have crashed, we mixed up the input numbers so that tape deck number 1 was recording to slot number 4 on our program, we've deleted things, we've lost things. we've broken things, but the end should be worth it.

Each box has about 180 (big boxes) or 55 in the small boxes. These are tapes that need to be run through the software to get the files on the computer.

I can't get this picture to rotate, so tilt your head. This is one of the stations. You can see the 16 tape decks behind the chair. I have to label all the files and then manually push play on the tapes when I start recording. I can push all the buttons in about 6 seconds. :) We have 2 stations with 16 tape decks and 1 station with 8.

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