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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to School and 80s Dance!

I moved back to the fine city of Logan just last week. It's so great to be back. I forgot how much I love it here. The weather has been really nice and I'm just enjoying it as much as I can because I know warm weather in Logan doesn't last long. Anyway, school has been really great so far. I love all of my classes, and I especially love my UTF job. (UTF= Undergraduate Teaching Fellow). I help out with the SOCIAL WORK 1010 class. I took it last fall and the professors must have been impressed with me because she asked me to help teach the class. It's really fun. I'm also taking a creative arts class that meets with 800 other students in the concert hall. For Creative Arts we go see local performances and critique them. Our first performance is High School Musical in September. Boy oh boy....

I'm also taking a social stats class. I like this class just fine, I just have to reteach myself to think in mathmatical ways. I keep asking questions that don't pertain to math. I think I entertain my professor.

I have a research class that is pretty interesting so far. We've already started our final projects. We have to come up with a survey to give out to students and see if we can find anything statistically significant. Right now I'm thinking I'll be doing the correlation between Emotional Intelligence and varoius majors. I just have to figure out how to get past that IRB!

For Institute I'm taking Miracle of Forgiveness. It's been pretty good so far, but I'm a little frightened. I heard that even President Monson felt like he was going to Hell after reading that book. But, it will be a good experience and I'm excited to learn more about the atonement.

Lastly, I have a practice class. We get to do all kinds of crazy things like role play, participate in activities, and anything else that will help us be a better social worker.

And, as with any college student, my life is anything but all school. I've have a great time with my new roommates and I really love my new apartment. I'm already known as the shoe girl in my new ward. I wore green shoes to FHE and blue shoes to my bishop's interview. We'll have to see how long that sticks. They wasted no time in my new ward, I'm speaking in Church tomorrow about the 6th article of faith. Wish me luck!

The best part of WOW (Week of Welcome) had to be the 80s dance we went to last night. I kind of felt like I was born in the wrong generation because I fit in pretty well at the 80s dance and I knew all the music. It was fun to dance to Thriller, Sweet Child of mine, and to see all the crazy outfits everyone came up with. It was kind of humbling to see things from my closet turn into an 80s costume, but I guess that's just who I am.

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Mom said...

M'Recia love the new apartment-- looks like you live in a house not just a alley!!!

You are adorable in any decade!

Glad to hear your classes are going well. Maybe you will be a teacher -- I could see you doing that.