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Sunday, September 14, 2008


These are my cute roomates from this year.

From the left we have Erin Cottle, Ashley Cottle, ME!, Amanda Snow, Krista Yardly, And Alison Strong.

Erin and Ashley are roommates and sisters. Erin is a Political Science major and just got back from a mission in Uruguay. She's already almost engaged and we're going to miss her when she gets.

Ashley is a graphic design major. She's a lot of fun and has a very energetic personality

I'm me, you know me.

Amanda is my roommate. She's absolutely amazing. She's a convert to the church and blows me away on a regular basis. She is a psychology major so we have a lot of psychology and social work banter that goes back and forth.

Krista is a pre-health and nutrition major. She loves to run and wins races all of the time. She is always so happy and bubbly. The boys love her too. :)

Alison is from a family of 12 kids. She is the oldest. She is a nursing major. We just love her and her sense of humor around here.

I've been really blessed with my roommates this year. Someone is watching out for me!


Brandon and Leanna said...

yay you have a blog!!! now i can stalk your life daily!!!
i love stalking.

sorry for the delted comment, that one was from me.. it didn't look right..

neither does this one. sorry i have ocd major bad. its annoying.

Jordin said...

Hey I love how you have an Arizona Flag in your welcome back pictures. I love you soo much.