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Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, now's a date?

That's right ladies and gents, you heard it here first. I went on a date this past weekend. I actually went on two. Can you believe it?

Now, before we all get too excited, neither of these dates was anything very serious. I went with two of my best friends. I went with my "brother" Myles to the IMA dance and had a wonderful time. I got to get all dolled up, which is my favorite. I even taught Myles to dance a little bit, even though he was much better than he gave himself credit for.

This is before Myles came to get me. Erin insisted that I looked cute so she took my picture.

Our roommate Ashley is kind of the expert on hair around here. She was pretty creative, I was really pleased.

Matt and I doubled with a friend to go to a Hockey game. We killed the opposing team, 16 to 4. They were from Denver though, so Matt and I were kind of secretly rooting for them since Matt is FROM Colorado and I lived there during the summer.

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