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Thursday, November 6, 2008

8 Random Facts about ME!

Kathy tagged me on this....a really long time ago. But, I haven't had notecards lurking from across the table like the are right now. This seemed like a good diversion (:

1. I'm not sure how random this is, but my absolute favorite color is green. I think it borderline's on obsession. I'm love color as it is, I'm one of those people who will pay more for something if I can get it in my color. If I can get it in green, watch out. Right now, my phone is green, my wallet and my purse are green, my headphones for my MP3 player are green, my favorite pen writes in black ink, but has a green casing, just to name a few. If you ever are in doubt, just get something green for me.

2. The color yellow is growing on me. People keep telling me that my personality makes them think of yellow, and it's frustrating to me. It's not that I don't like yellow, it's just the last on my list of favorites. I really wish people would associate me with green. However, I do get some funny color associations, like my roommate who told me I was purple because I'm an eggplant. I guess that mean's I'm unique.

4. I like my body and myself. I was talking with my professor the other day about plastic surgery and I told her I could never have plastic surgery. I don't have a perfect body by any stretch of the imagination, but it's MY body. I can't think of anything to change; it wouldn't be mine anymore. I'm also VERY attached to my curly hair. It's a great big part of my identity. I think my URL for my blog even says "numberonecurliegurlie" One of my greatest fears is that I'll have babies and my hair will go straight. I would have an emotional breakdown, I'm pretty sure.

5. I'm a social work major at Utah State University. I really love going to school and I'm really excited to get out there in the world and help people. My goal is to eventually start programs for females to help them love their bodies and themselves. Next year for my practicum, I think I either want to work for LDS Family Services or Avalon Hills, the inpatient clinic for girls and adults with eating disorders.

6. In my Junior year of high school, I learned about fantasy prone personalities. To my understanding, they are people with vivid imaginations who constantly night dream and day dream. I am pretty sure that's me. I have such vivid dreams I often get them confused with reality, especially since I add some fantasticalness to reality. It's not unusual for me to ask my friend if I dreamed something or if they remember it happening too. Sometimes I really can't remember. I also imagine how situations I am anticipating will go. Sometimes I get so involved, I start acting them out. If you ever see me muttering to myself, that's probably what I'm doing. You can just ask who I'm talking to.

7. I absolutely hate being alone. The other day my friend Myles and I were talking about the difference between introverts and extroverts. He said that he heard that both groups like people, but that introverts get energy taken away from being with people while extroverts gain energy from being with people. I am MOST DEFINITELY and extrovert by that definition. I hate being alone and I get lonely so easily. Last semester was really hard for me because I only had 2 roommates who were RARELY home. I spent a lot of time looking for people. I do need time to myself, but not very much.

8. I always have a hard time using up the rest of things. Like this survey, I couldn't think of one thing that was more important than another one to use. So, I used this. I'm kind of a horder. I use things until they have just a little bit left, and then I save it until I NEED it. I have 1 whitestrip left, waiting for a rainy day. I have a whole bunch of lotion bottles with a few squeezes left. I'm getting better about throwing things out and using them, but it goes against my nature.

Anyway that reads this and has a blog and hasn't done it yet, you are now tagged!


Kathy said...

UMM... I think that you skipped number 3! Thanks for letting me distract you from your work.

Kathy said...

Oh and umm.. CUTE HAIR!