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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brent is BALD! (This one's for you, Kathy!)

As many of you know, my fiance, Brent, had cancer and needed chemo therapy. He finished up a few weeks ago, but not without any causalities. He started loosing it little by little after his first round, but on Friday (February) the 13, he pulled a good sized chunk of hair out of the shower. It was all downhill from there. He was like a cat, leaving hair everywhere he sat. On Valentines day, we were over at a friend's house where he decided to shave it all off. He's had a shiny head ever since. Although, I'm having hope that it's starting to grow back. I hope he has hair by the time we get married!

Valentines Day right after we got home from having his head shaved

I think they call this the "Alan McKay" pose. He was a tour director that apparently took pictures like this one.

Still a good looking guy!

Here he is in the hospital, doing his last round of chemo. Hooray, we're done!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Antelope Island

Brent's buddy, Grant, had been wanting to go to Antelope Island for quite some time. We went this past Saturday and it was pretty fun. Grant and Jeff took off on their bikes, and Brent and I walked along the beach...yeah the "beach." It was nice to feel the sunshine. It's pretty beautiful there, despite the fact it's a wee bit stinky. Brent said he was reminded of the ocean by the smell, so I guess he liked it.

I think someone must have spent the time to line these rocks up. Either that or this was a natural miracle. Nevertheless, we took a picture. Now it is immortal.

Brent enjoying the lake.

I need to remember to rotate pictures before I post them. This was a naturally occurring swirliness. And you know how I love swirliness. :)

It was really quite peaceful there.

Grant and Jeff with their kite. It's that white speck at the top of the picture.

Oops, I forgot to rotate, but the blue skies were a breath of fresh air. I love spring!

Bird prints were a plenty.

This weird ball thing was out on the beach. We're guessing it might have been a buoy or something. We don't really know, but it was hollow. I'm thinking that the tide is a lot farther out than usual.

Close up of this strange ball thing.

This box thing was also out on the beach. Strange, eh?

I think I look awesome in my shades?

Brent sporting a newsboy cap to cover his bald head. He gets a bit chilly.

There was definitely a puppy. I didn't get to play with it. I was sad.