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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Nightstands

Right now I have a very part time job (like 10 hours a week at most), and am taking 1 credit. That leaves me with a whole lot of free time. Suddenly, when I have free time, everything has the potential to be a project. I was wandering in hobby lobby when I came across this inspiration sheet and I decided it was time to give our DI nightstands a makeover!

Before: a little scratched and dented.
I was thrilled to have them when I found a matching set,
but I figured I couldn't hurt them at this point.

Before I even touched the nightstands, I drew a 1/4 scale model of them.
I used my handy measuring tape, calculator, and ruler to help me along.
I drew everything in pencil then traced it in sharpie.
I made lots of copies, and sketched a few ideas on my 1/4 scale models.

I finally decided on argyle and my sketch gave me an idea
of what I wanted it to look like. As you'll see, I deviated a bit
from this in my actual production

I used a pencil to mark the top of the nightstand into 8 sections horizontally and 4 sections verticially.

I connected my lines to make boxes.

I drew my diamonds within each box

...taped, and painted. (If anyone is actually doing this, I would reccomend
picking your background color and painting your entire nightstand first.
It would be a lot less work)

When you remove the tape, you should hopefully have some clean lines!

Tape the next section and start painting!

And tape and paint again....

Between coats of paint, I worked on painting the drawers.



AdrianneJayne said...

wow! looks like too much work for me! very cute!

shirley elizabeth said...

It looks so great!! Now I want to get some paints and go do ours (same story, we found a cheap pair of ones that matched).
Except I should probably wait because we're getting a house (!!!) soon and I could paint it to match.

Kathy said...

Very cute M'Recia! I love them. I'll bet Mom is so proud. Very fun