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Friday, February 26, 2010

25 Books

See this stack of books. There are 25 of them.
Guess how much we paid for them?

NOPE, You're all wrong.

 We paid $7 for all these books. That's right,
25 books for $7 dollars. I did the math, that's about 30 cents each!

How is this possible, you ask? Brent read an article at work yesterday about a new bookstore in Logan called Jenson Books. 

They have over 25,000 books, and get more each day.

Paperbacks are $1, Hardcovers are $2, Children's Books are $1


You can fill a grocery bag full of any kind of book for just $7.

Here are some titles I'm especially excited about:

This has all kind of fun old-timey recipes

Book of Random Facts

 This is the diet that Brent and I follow
This is the diet that Brent and I SHOULD follow
One copy for us, and one for our friends who were asking about it

To keep us entertained on car rides. :)

A book that's been on my to read list for a few years

Lots of fun costumes
Fun and creative origami

It has an activity for each day. 

This has a bunch of world recipes like biscotti and hummus. I can't wait!

Want to buy some books too?

1766 Blacksmith Court Suite B
Logan, UT 84321

(1700 S 400 W)
Turn at S.E.I direclty behind the pallets of Utah

They're also on Facebook


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