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Monday, February 1, 2010

How to download fonts

I've been creating a lot lately, in case you haven't noticed, and one of my favorite things is a fun font. Office 2007 came with the standard, run of the mill fonts, but I like something more excited. I just learned how to download fonts, and now I'm going to teach YOU!

The first thing you will want to do is figure out where the stuff you download goes. If you use firefox like me (and if you don't you should check it out) you should select tolls from the top and click on options
Depending on your preference, you can select where your downloads go, or you can choose the option below to have it ask you where you want things saved each time you download.

Now that we know where our downloads go, it's time to search for fonts!

You can google "free fonts" or something around those lines. 
My favorite site for free fonts is fontspace.

Find a font you like, hover the mouse over it, and a "download" option should it!


Save the file.

 I opted for firefox to ask me where to save my files each time I download. I picked a folder in my documents I named "FONTS" and saved it there. If you choose a default location back in step 1, that's where your download is going.


Most font files are zipped or compressed files. That's why the file icon has a zipper on it. You'll need to extract your files. Right click on the icon and select "extract all" or a similar option. There should be some kind of wizard or something to help you extract.

Once you extract your files, you'll notice your computer created a new file. That means it was successful!

Now, hop over to your control panel...

 ...and open up your fonts folder. (Did you know you had a fonts folder? I didn't.)

In your fonts folder, select file, and then install new font.

 Locate your folder and font files.

 And select the extracted folder that contains your font file. (I always have to give it a good double click before it will show my font in that upper box) Select the font in the upper box and click OK.


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