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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My cake ball disaster

For Relief Society this week we were having a food exchange, a PINK food exchange to be exact.
I've been eyeing bakerella's website for quite some time and really wanted to make these cakeballs.

The process looks simple enough, and probably is if you actually follow the instructions...

IN the beginning I was really careful to do everything perfectly...

I even sugared my pan to make sure it would come out just beautifully.


You see, the recipe calls for one cake mixed with one 16 oz can of frosting. 
I really dislike canned frosting, so I decided to make my own, following another one

The only difference is that I used 4 cups of powdered sugar instead of 6, 
(because I was afraid that would be too much...haha)

The frosting was amazing, by the way, but how could cream cheese, 
butter, and sugar now be.

I mixed my entire batch of frosting with my cake...

Now let's do the math:
8oz=1 cup
16 oz can of frosting = 2 cups
1 cup butter + 8 oz cream cheese + 4 cups of sugar=6 cups.


Cake balls are meant to be the consistency of cookie dough. My cake balls 
were more like pancake batter. I went to bed totally upset and 
figured I'd have to buy at least 1 more cake and mix it all together.
 The next day I decided I could still save my cake balls and put the "batter" 
back in the oven at 350 for about an hour, and that stiffened it up enough.

Feeling more courageous all the time, I rolled them into balls and put them in the freezer
while I prepared the chocolate. 

I bought 8oz of baker's chocolate when I first went shopping for cake balls. 
It proved to cover about 10 cake balls and I had 38 more waiting.
I sent Brent to the store to get me some of the "cheap stuff."
Can I just say that I HATE Almond Bark!

It crumbled, it didn't melt. It tastes so fake, and it went on so chunky.

I was able to pull it together somewhat  and tried to make them cute for Relief Society.

Everyone said the loved them, but I knew they could have been so much better. 
I was too angry at them to have more than one, which was made bitter
by my frustration. I'm sure they were probably okay, but I need to find
better baker's chocolate.

The moral of the story: follow the instructions.

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