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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tangled Jewelry Solution

I stole this image from the interweb, but this is an example of what my jewelry looked like before. 
It always took me FOREVER to get what I wanted from the jewelry pile. And if I could get a necklace untangled, I wouldn't be able to find the matching earrings, or even a pair of matching earrings. I've tried hanging them, putting them in compartments, etc. But it seemed like any time my necklace chains came in contact with each other, it resulted in a mess.

Last night I untangled all my jewelry...
Oh, and reorganized my storage bins in the bathroom. It's a mess.

After I separated it all, we made a Wal Mart run for bobbins
We were sure to find the kind with the holes all the way around. 

and safety pins
about the same width as the bobbins.

I took the clasp of the necklace chain and hooked it on one of the holes in the side of the bobbin, and wound the rest of the chain around the bobbin. 

I then inserted the safety pin through the holes on the sides of the bobbin, being sure to catch the chain to keep the bobbin from unwinding. 

Yay! All my necklaces are now tangle free. I just need to work on making them look a little prettier, but that will come in time.

I used the case the bobbins came in to organize my earrings and extra safety pins the attach large pairs of earrings together.

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