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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Peppermint Oil


My body's had a nausea issue for the past.....year. :(
I kept thinking I'd gotten over it, and then I'd be camping over the toilet again.

Brent has a friend from his mission that I like to call "the witch doctor."
She's really into herbal/natural remedies. 

So Brent called her last night after I hadn't 
been able to keep anything down for about 40 hours

She said try peppermint oil.

So Brent went out and bought some peppermint essential oil today and gave it to me.
My sweet husband gave me a foot rub with the oil, and then put a few drops in a glass of water for me.


Try it! 

Our Wedding Photographer


Here are some of our favorite pictures from our wedding. I just wanted to say a few words about our WONDERFUL photographer. I was visiting with some of my friends at Relief Society last week and we got on the subject of Wedding Photographers. I listened to one girl say she wouldn't hang up ANY of her wedding photos because she didn't like any of them. I listened to one girl who is planning on going back to the temple in her wedding clothes to get the picture a picture in front of the temple with her husband. One other girl said she had nice wedding photos, but that her photographer was TERRIBLE. She told the couple the wrong times and locations for their shoots. Was rude to them during their shoots and dressed inappropriately, among other things.

Listening to those girls made me realize how lucky were are to have had Julie as our photographer. She was so easy to work with and we have so many photos we just adore. We really consider her to be one of our good friends now, and have a great respect for her. I give her a HUGE recommendation for any kind of event
that you want to remember.

Check her out!
on facebook

Here are our pictures:

ANYWAY, we love Julie. We'll be going back to her again and again.