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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back again! And..."why did the chicken cross the road?"

I took a look at the blog the other day and realized I haven't posted anything in many moons. As proud as I am of the "I covet" post, I figured it was time to let something new in the lime light.

Easter Sunday we went to my parent's old house to hunt for Easter Eggs. My uncle has a little patch of land on which he keeps some animals. Indy, my parent's dog, has some herding skills we didn't know about.

In the above picture, Indy and some chickens are in the field across the street. You can't really tell from this picture, but there were about 20 chickens back there.

Indy herded them back across the street, safely into their own pen.

And when they got out again....

Indy (and Brent) were quick to get them back into their place.

1 comment:

Bryson and Kristy said...

Yeah Glad to see you are back! After all the moons that passed I was starting to get worried! Hope you had a good time watching the chickens!