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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Locks of Love!

I got my haircut last Thursday to donate to locks of love. As you can see, one side was much longer than the other, so it was time for a cut. You can kind of see me pulling my hair down to show the length

I was pretty attached, but the length difference was getting out of hand.

all the hair I lost...

And what's left over.

My hair is naturally dark, but it gets light in the sun. I thought this cross section was interesting.

I hope they can use it!


Kikigirl said...

I'm thinking about donating my hair tomorrow up on campus!! I'm feeling iffy about it, too, because I feel so attached to the length/whatnot, but it's something I've always wanted to do. I think you look great with the cut!


Bryson and Kristy said...

I like the short locks! I'm waiting to grow mine out again to donate because last time I had highlights so they wouldn't take it :( Way to be daring! Just think of all the time you'll save with short hair!

M'Recia said...

I have already saved TONS of time. I love it!