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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anniversary Miracle

I bought the pin above when I was in the Miss Farmington Pageant from an antique store in Layton and just loved it. When wedding time rolled around, I thought it would be pretty on my cake. However, when the cake got whisked into the kitchen to serve to our guests, so did the pin, never to be seen again. I was completely heartbroken over it. I called the reception center many times and asked them to look through their garbage. I thought the pin was so unique that I would never see it again. HOWEVER, Brent and I were out shopping on Tuesday for our anniversary and went to this shop downtown called "Decades." I was looking at their jewelry and saw a GOLD version on my very pin. I couldn't believe it! I never thought I would see ANYTHING like it again. I wasn't sure how one-of-a-kind it was. Now I know they made at least two. Now I just have to figure out how to make it match my earrings again!

One year!

That's right boys and girls, the Mr. and I have put up with each other for one whole year now. In some ways, I can't believe it's been a year, our wedding felt like yesterday. On the other hand, I can't imagine my life without Brent. I feel like we've been together forever (which we kind of have, today is also our 4 year anniversary and our first date will be 5 years ago in November). The top picture is Brent and I on Tuesday. We went to a friend's wedding and had someone take our picture. The one below is obviously one of us at our wedding one year ago. Brent is my best friend and it's been heaven to be together at last. We've been through so much this year, but I feel like it's just brought us closer. I'm looking forward to many more happy years together


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Family at Fazolis

After the whole of Grandma's family gathered at the hospital to say goodbye, dad took his children out to Fazolis.
Brent has it bad for any baby.
Melissa, Brent and I ate before we came to the hosptial, so Melissa and I just had italian ice.

Which got passed around to all those who had meals. It was the envy of the night

Grandma's Funeral

Preston being a cruiser. He crawled all around during the viewing. He's gotten pretty mobile and independant.
Brent was trying to pick open his pocket on his jacket so he could wear his pocket square
This picture was taken around the time that Matt informed us all that we have been demoted to his cousins.

Rush figured out how to crawl this trip
Gideon lost a tooth...
Here he is with his proud mommy.
Kathy's kids wanted their picture taken so it could be put on the blog. The kids were told that the word "casket" is derived from the word treasure chest. I think that made them feel a lot more comfortable around it.
Melissa trying not to look so tall
Alec inturrupting our picture
This is the church in Morgan that my grandma went to as a girl