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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What I've been up to lately.

It's been a very long time since I blogged. I've missed it a lot. Life has been pretty busy though. In the past month I've moved, started a new job, finished a semester, and lost two people very close to me.

Brent and I made the OFFICIAL move from Logan to North Salt Lake on the 16th of April. For a about a week before that, I would make a trip down every few days with my car loaded to the top with boxes. We had a lot of help with our move and we're really grateful to everyone who got us here.

On the 17th of April, I was out grocery shopping with my Mother-in-Law when I heard the news about my friend's mom passing away. Cherie Petersen had been struggling with cancer for over a year when she passed, so it wasn't a huge surprise, but it was still hard to hear all the same.

April 19th our office opened. Brent and I are working for Platinum Protection during summer sales. I'm the office assistant and Brent's doing sales. We're hoping to make enough money this summer to pay off all our debt and start over.

Also on April 19th, my grandma Jones had a heart attack. She collapsed outside her room. She wasn't breathing and her heart wasn't beating for 5 minutes before she was recessitated and taken to the hospital. She was unconsious the whole time. Brent and I went to go see her on Tuesday, April 20. She looked so frail and weak. I would have never guessed that woman lying in the hospital bed was my grandma. Over the next few days we visited a few times, until on Thursday the 22, they decided to take her off the respirator. Several tests indicated that there was not much brain activity. Thursday night, the family gathered together in the ICU where she was given a final blessing and we all had a chance to say goodbye. She only lasted a few hours without the respirator before she passed and was reuinted with my grandpa and her family.

Friday and Saturday I spent mouring Cherie Petersen, and putting together a video for my Grandma's funeral. I was also given the opportunity to sing at my grandma's funeral, and was working on the music. The next week was a combination of working 10 hours days, going to my parent's house to put together her video, finding small moments to practice my song, teaching classes in Logan, attending a viewing, a funeral, and performing at the funeral and showing my video at the viewing and funeral.

Brent and I have made several trips to Logan and back and we are relieved that the semester is over and that all we have to concentrate on now is going to work and earning as much money as we can this summer.

These are oragami flowers I made for my grandma the day we went to see her in the hospital. She was unconscious, but they told me she could hear us. I'm not sure if she knew I made them, but I really did it for me. I needed a way to show her I loved her while she was techinically still alive. After Tuesday, I was at peace with the situation.

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