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Saturday, July 10, 2010

3 Elect Ladies

I've lost a few people in the past few months. I lost a "mother," a friend, and a grandma.

Cherie and my mom at my wedding reception.

The day Brent and I moved into our new apartment, I was out shopping with my mother-in-law to get some groceries. My best friend, Wendy, sent me a text telling me that Cherie Petersen had died. Cherie had cancer and hadn't been doing well for quite some time. She was only supposed to live for a year, but she held on for 18 months. I grew up with her daughter Molly. We were born a few months apart and spent a lot of time together as children. My mom worked and Cherie babysat children, it was perfect. I went to the Petersen's everyday after school for a long time. Cherie was just an amazing lady. One of my fondest memories I have of her is giving her a birthday present. I bought a little bell from the dollar store that looked like a little boy in one piece pajamas. She was so gracious in accepting it. It made me feel so proud! Cherie was one of my "mothers" and I' m sure there are many who feel that way about her.
Brent and I moved into our apartment on April 17, and heard about Cherie's passing that same day. On the following Monday, we got a phone call from my mom telling us that my Grandma had collapsed and was in the hospital, unconscious. We went to see her the next day. I was really worried she would die before I got to see her, but she was still "alive" when we visited. She was hooked to a respirator and I could tell that even though she wasn't dead yet, it wasn't really her. I was really comforted that I got to see her one more time. I made her these flowers and felt like it was just what I needed.
Thursday we all went to see her and said our goodbyes. I was sad to see her go, but I was more excited for her than anything else. She'd lived a good, long life and had so much family waiting for her on the other side. My Grandpa passed away about 5 years ago, and it was time for them to be together again. I was able to put together a video for her funeral and sing "I Stand All Amazed" at her funeral.

Grandma at my wedding.
My grandma loved everyone in her family dearly. It always made her so happy when we came around. She was very generous and we miss her.

Liz Harris was a friend of mine from Farmington City. I counted at her funeral, and we did 10 productions together. She was just a year older than my sister and died from liver failure do to melonoma. She lived across the street from my very dear friends the Safeers. Her funeral was beautiful. She was supposed to get married today, so she was buried in her wedding dress with a beautiful engagement ring on her finger. She struggled with her health for a long time and was in a lot of pain when she died. I felt so bad for their family. We all know she's in a better place; we're the ones who need help now. But, I know that funerals always strenghten my testimony. I can really feel that the gospel plan is true and that I will get to see all these people I lost in the past few months again.


Sara and Skyler said...

Sounds like you've had quite a few amazing people in your life!Also, love the piano! I can't wait to get the one from my parents house or a new one! My house feels empty without it. Hope all is well!

Dallas and Kyla said...

I found your blog and it is adorable I love all the fun updates!! We haven't talked since probably high school...and I am so excited I found this! I am sorry for your recent passings of some amazing people in your life...and for informing me about Liz Harris! I knew her in high school and had no idea, that is so sad! She was a darling girl!!
I hope you are having a great summer!
Kyla Roosendaal Berrett