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Monday, July 19, 2010

Body Image

I'm a Social Work Major.

I got into social work because of a Psychology class I took in high school. I figured social work was like applied psycology, and it is in a lot of ways. It's a lot of other things too, but it's applied psychology.

I orginally wanted to go into adoption, but now I think I want to go a different route. I want to help girls and women combat the issues of body image in this world.

I've been reading Reviving Ophelia, a book about the problems that adolescent girls face. She's broken the problems down into different categories, indulding a category about what she calls "lookism."

However, body image comes up in every chapter of her book. It's that big.

Here are a few of my favorite lookism combating resources.

You know how Americans are obessed with being tan? We're convinced that tan is good and pale is bad.

Well, look at how the Easterners see it:

Makes you think, doesn't it?

The first time I saw these, it really opened my eyes and turned most of the concepts I'd had about beauty on it's head.

It seems to me that we all want what we don't have. It also showed me how culturally defined beauty is. Which means we could get over all this ridiculous body image stuff.

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Kira Cherry said...

I remember watching something on t.v. about how in Asia they have a big problem with women obessed with being pale. What's sad is a lot of the products aren't approved (they don't have a FDA like we do in the states) and it has permantely burned the skin of many women. Its really sad that these women would risk hurting their skin in order to be "beautiful".
The same can be said here in the states - we are obessed with being tan that we do whatever we can to achieve it. From tanning beds, to products, to laying out in the sun - all of which is negatively effecting our bodies in so many ways.
We should all love who we are, we are all beautiful, gorgeous women. I think its great that you are going to use your major to help girls and women everywhere realize how beautiful they really are and not to "harm" themselves for "beauty".