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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Every year my family does a huge firework show in their Cul-De-Sac. Ever since my sister married into the family 13 years ago, we've been attending. About 8 years ago, they started getting REALLY serious about these fireworks. They started getting more and bigger fireworks, and then came the music and coordination. Stopwatches were added and the planning started earlier and earlier. This year's show was the best yet!

Brent was a pyro-tech! Here he is covering the fireworks with tin foil in order to prevent any accidental ignition by sparks.

A friend of the family brought their fire engine for safety reasons. The kids loved playing with it. The sirens were really loud, though. One of the neighbors called the police because of the noise. Oops!

Chelise and Dallin got to play with the fire hose.

All the fireworks set up pre-show.

Melissa and Annie getting ready for the show.

The show started with America the Beautiful and the National Anthem. We needed a little reminder as to why were blowing up the sidewalk.

It was LOUD!

This picture is my favorite.

Dallin feel asleep. He has a yearly tradition of falling asleep during the show.

Michelle had the two kiddos asleep on her last summer.

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