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Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday Adventure

I made this coconut cake and it just turned out strange. The batter was really thick and it baked really clumpy.
I also made that fondant a few weeks ago and failed too.

Leave it to my mom to combine my two failed attempts into something pretty.

There they are, 22 candles.

I got them all out in one shot.     
This was in the super saver or something. It's for a place in North Salt Lake Yogi Berry. It was really fun. It's one of those places that let you buy the frozen yogurt by the ounce.

The man who owns it is very nice. We had a wonderful time visiting with him.

 Here we are, waiting to get our frozen yogurt.


After Yogi Berry, we went on a tour of the Beehive House.

Brigham Young's Coat

A bracelet made from Brigham Young's hair...weird. 

Brigham Young's original hat, hankie, and cane

These are his original Dictionary and Bible

The Beehive motif is constant throughout the home.

This is a wedding dress of one of his daughters

The family dining area

We got lunch on at a street taco stand

We ended the night by going to some antique stores and then to the planetarium.

After that we went to dinner at Stone Ground. We came home and watched a movie.

It was a wonderful birthday.

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Kathy said...

Looks like you had such a great day. We love you so much. Glad that you had a great 22nd birthday!