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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our Home So Far

We had a few friends from out of town come visit yesterday. Which meant they hadn't seen our place before and I had the opportunity to deceive them into thinking it's always clean. Brent and I cleaned frantically for about an hour and got the place about as clean as its ever been. I figured it was a good time to take pictures, (now that we've been here for 6 months +)

So, we'll start with the front door. 
We live on the second floor, so we have a nice little porch outside that I forgot to take a picture of. I suppose I should do that soon.

This media shelf is in the midst of being painted.

Here's another angle of our living room.

This tree is something my grandma painted. 

IKEA shelf obtained to accommodate all of Brent's stuff. (And some of mine)

Living room and a view into the hall and our laundry closet.

Our piano, a closet, and a bookshelf.

Another of my grandma's paintings.

I got this lamp at a thrift store in Logan for $3. I love it!

This is a view into the hall and our laundry closet. I broke the door on this the first time I used the dryer. Oops! I need a weekend and some woodglue and it should be good as new!

KSL washer and dryer. I love used stuff!

On the left you can see the Laundry Closet and we're moving into the kitchen.

Here is my lovely Kitchen.


Here is our table from another angle. You can see the hall and our living room from this angle.

The "temple" picture was a wedding gift, I drew the SLC temple, and Brent sent the Logan temple picture to me as a gift. This is right outside the bathroom door. 

Here's the bathroom.

Our Vanity.

Bathroom Storage.

In honor of our last apartment, I have put the toliet and shower pictures side by side. However, I wish to highlight that they are two separate functions now. Thank goodness.

Here you can see the edge of the temple pictures, another closet, and our bedroom.
Here's the bedroom looking in from the bedroom door.
 My nightstand and silhouette. I painted my nightstand white. I think I like it better than Brent's. 

 Brent's nightstand and silhouette. His nightstand was a lot of work, and it's cool, but I don't know that I like it in this room. His might end up white too, or at least painted with cool colors instead of that black and cream.

I have a lot of DIY going on here. That chair in the corner was on the street in Denver and Brent and I hauled it home and I recovered it. The lantern was a white IKEA lantern I painted. The dresser was from DI and was missing a drawer. My dad and neighbor made two new drawers for it and Brent and I sprayed it red. The mirror I painted and covered with those clear flat floral stones from the dollar store. 

 Another angle of the bedroom.
This is another picture my grandma painted. I think it was just something she was doing to practice, but I think it's my favorite of the pictures we have. I might have to make a companion piece someday with a flower I painted.

In this picture you can see the door to our bedroom and the door to the "other" bedroom.

Someday this will be a baby room, but for now it's a bike/computer room.

Hey Brent! That nightstand I found next to a dumpster. I love free stuff. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I figured if I never decided I could just give it to DI and it wouldn't end up costing me a cent.

Here's the hallway. That's our place. We love it and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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Kathy said...

I love how the chair came out! So glad we snagged it!