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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baking and Baking and Candy Making

I was a pretty busy baker tonight, and I think I made quite a dent in my neighbor gifts.

First I made gingerbread biscotti. Biscotti is one of my favorite things and I am making three different kinds this year. I followed a suggestion in the comments on the recipe and used butter instead of oil. I think they turned out pretty great.

 I also made a batch of deep dark chocolate biscotti.

My proudest achievement of the evening had to by the candy cane marshmallows.

I read a lot of the comments below this recipe too and made a few adjustments. I used a 9x13 pan as suggested by a reader and sprayed it with cooking oil and coated it with powdered sugar. When my marshmallows were set, the came right out of my pan.

Another reader mentioned that when the gelatin is mixed with the sugar, it has quite a reaction. This is true. I used a large pan and was glad I did. There was a lot of gelatin/sugar erupting when I poured the two together.

Another reader suggested mixing a little food color in the marshmallows when mixing in order to get more color distributed. I tried this and I am happy with the results.

When it came time to cut the marshmallows, I followed the advice of a few more readers. I lifted up the edge of the marshmallow blob and cut out rows using kitchen shears dipped in shortening.

It was a pretty slick process. I dropped the marshmallows right into a bowl of powdered sugar to coat the outsides a little bit and keep them from sticking together.

Making these marshmallows is quite the process, I had the gelatin in a double broiler with the sugar water heating next to it while my mixer was whipping egg whites. I had to monitor three things at once. To top it off, I was watching my biscotti in the oven too.

They're pretty tasty. And they look nice too.

I also packed up a few things I made the other day:
Hot Chocolate on a Stick
I added a little crushed candy cane to the bottom of my ice cube tray. I think it turned out cute.


Peppermint Soap!

 Here's to a productive evening!

PLUS: My Kitchen doesn't look that bad! 


alane said...

I am SO IMPRESSED...your stuff looks so yummy and the packaging is go girl!

Sara and Skyler said...

Looks like you're having fun with presents this year! I need your motivation!