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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I emailed some of you about a project I'm working on that I need donations for. Here's the place to do it! Thanks a million! I'm really hoping this works.(And P.S. this is a secret! Don't leave comments that might give me away!)

Everyone was more than amazing in donating! I got my $200!

If anyone still wants to donate, I can always use it. More on what I was doing with this next week.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Family Pictures (and out takes!)

The girls

Out takes.

The Boys

Out takes.

Michelle's Family

Out takes.

Matt and Kathy's Family

Out takes.

Brent and Me.

Out takes.

Jones Family Pictures

This was our last family picture:

Well, this is actually more recent, but it doesn't really count.

Anyway, this picture is missing two grand kids and my husband. It's very outdated, although cute.

For the past 3 times the Colorado Joneses have visited, I have desperately tried to arrange a family photo. Every time, someone had to work, or couldn't find the right clothes, or something.

We got it together this time. I asked everyone to wear dark pants and brightly colored tops. I got vetoed. I asked everyone to wear jeans and brightly colored tops. I got vetoed. I asked everyone to wear jeans and jewel tones. No one vetoed me.

Come picture day, everyone was complaining about Jewel Tones. I think what we actually ended up with was colorful tops and jeans. But, whatever, I now have a picture of the whole family.

There were some lessons learned here. #1: Family pictures on the day after Christmas is a bit challenging for the children. In fact, there was a lot of head swapping here in order to achieve the lovely photo above. It reminds me of the time I tried to take pictures of Michelle's family on Halloween day:

unhappy kids

#2: My camera doesn't like taking pictures indoors at 4:30 pm. It's just a bit too dark.

#3: Brent should not stand right behind me.

#4: Next time, someone else can arrange the color scheme.

Observe the originals:

Brent can't be seen behind my head, the kids in the front row are goofing off, Michelle looks frustrated, and Marc is missing.

I'm not sure what Michelle, Melissa and I are saying....

This one was pretty close to looking great....

I traded Larke's head for something looking the right direction, Dallin's head for something that closer resembles a smile, and Chelise's head and shoulders for something that looked slightly less bored. 

 A little crop and color editing...and voila! A pretty good photo.

Next time we will try to avoid the day after Christmas. And jewel tones.