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Friday, February 11, 2011

What we did last night.

My good friend, Danielle's, father passed away a few weeks ago. All her friends felt really terrible for her and wanted to do something for her. I had the opportunity to pool money from our friends and buy her a silhouette. Danielle's been entering giveaways for Silhouette's for EVER!

Everyone was REALLY generous and I quickly raised enough money to buy a silhouette.

It showed up on Tuesday.

And I wrapped it right up.

I was able to buy some vinyl and accessories with some of the money that was donated. I wrapped those up too.

 Danielle was very cute and gracious. And, excited of course. She loved the wrapping paper and was very careful to pull it off without ripping it.

 She was very surprised! (Mission accomplished!) 


And very touched. We both got a little teary. (Ok, maybe a lot).

Brent and I had the opportunity to spend the evening with Danielle and her cute little family. She has the most charming little boy. His name is Logan and he's 14 months old.  He loves his daddy, and to everyone's surprise, he LOVED Brent. He wanted hugs and kisses and love from everyone. I'm pretty sure it made Brent's night.

Here are Logan and Kimball being cute together.

This kid LOVES his daddy.

Logan giving Brent kisses. Despite the fact that Logan had a cold, Brent enjoyed the affection. 

 Logan and me. He came right up to me and wanted me to hold him. 

We had a wonderful time with the Josephs and really felt like we made some wonderful new friends. We look forward to spending more time with them in the future. 

And I'm looking forward to crafting with Danielle!


Stephanie said...

you, me, and danielle have a crafting date next time i'm in town.. mmmkay?

alane said...

what a sweet thoughtful thing to do! And that wrapping job is amazing....lucky friend to have you for a friend.