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Friday, March 4, 2011

Care Package

My Poor Grandma just broke both wrists. That means she has both her hands in casts. Can you imagine?

My mom and I decided to send her a care package to cheer her up.

Here's what we did.

We did a black & white and blue color palate. The big package is a skirt we bought for her, behind that is a wedding picture that she's in, next to those are two books on CD I created covers for, the big envelope is a family picture, the long skinny thing is a candy bar, and the sack has some chocolate covered almonds in it.

I hear it cheered her up.


Kathy said...

Poor Grandma Tibbitts! I hadn't heard that she broke both wrists, that's terrible. I'll have to send get well vibes her way. Cute package!

Brittnie said...

Oh man, all I did was send her a card! Thanks for taking care of Grandma!