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Monday, March 21, 2011

I made a skirt!

After seeing this cute skirt on say YES! to hoboken, I decided I needed one of my own. 

I've looked at a lot of tutorials and sewn a few patterns, so I had a pretty basic idea of how things should go.

To be sure, I made a quick paper prototype.

First, I measured my waist (40 inches). Then, I measured the distance from where I wanted the skirt to hit me on the waist to where I wanted it to fall near my  knees (25 inches).

Now that I had those two measurements, I took my waist measurement, divided it by 2 (20), and added 1 inch to allow for a 1/2 seam allowance on each side(21).

I decided I wanted a 4 inch waistband, so multiplied 4 by 2 (because I was going to fold the waist band in two) and added 1/2 for a seam allowance. 

I cut two pieces that were 9 inches by the measurement above (waist/2 + 1 inch or 21 inches).

I then subtracted 4 inches from the total length ( I wanted (because of the waistband, 21 inches), added 1/2 an inch for a seam allowance, and another inch for a hem (22 1/2 ). I cut two pieces that were twice the width of my waistband pieces and the length above. (22 1/2 x 42 inches).
 I bought a 1 1/2 yards of fabric that was 58 inches wide.
 I opened it up and was able to get everything out of it with some left overs.
If you look closely, you can see my pencil lines. I measured, drew lines in pencil, and cut!

I took my two waistband pieces (9x21 inches) and ironed them in half (4 1/2 x 21 inches) and then sewed along the bottom to keep the fold in tact.

After I had my two waistband pieces ironed and sewed down, I took the skirt pieces and pinned the edges and center down to the waistband pieces, with right sides together. The raw edges of the waistband and the skirt are lined up.

I kept finding the middle of each section and pinning it down to the middle section of the skirt.

I kept pinning until it looked like this:

I sewed right along those pins, giving myself a 1/2" seam allowance.

When you're finished, it should look like this.

Now do it again to the other side!

Lie the two sides together, right sides together, and sew up one side.

I then followed this tutorial to install my zipper.

After you've installed the zipper, hem the bottom, and you're done!

I wore it to a little dance we had the other night and had a lovely time:


moores said...

Dude i love that skirt!

Erick and Megan said...

That looks great! I am so proud! OH and I love that blue office in a closet picture you posted! I want one.

Stephanie said...

Very cute :)

Kathy said...

Good job M'Recia! It turned out so cute.