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Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Fun Anniversary Trip

Last year Brent and I were working for Platinum. That job had some serious ups and downs. One of the "downs" was their attendance policy. You had to pay them to take days off. Brent was working Monday-Friday from noon to 11:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. So, we didn't get around to celebrating our anniversary last year. This year, we celebrated x2 to make up for that.

Brent left work a a little early. We were planning on going straight to Logan, but we decided to go look at the puppies at Bird World, just for fun. Those puppies were very cute and we got to play with them for a few minutes.

We drove to Logan and checked into the Best Western Weston Hotel.
We actually had a pretty decent Hotel Room.

We got dressed up for dinner. (We packed at separate times. We didn't mean to match, but that's just what happens when you've been married for two years.)

We went to Olive Garden

Enjoyed a lovely dinner. We had the NICEST waiter.

We went back to our hotel after dinner. We went swimming in the pool, took a walk down the street we used to live on, watched some TV, ate our take out dessert from Olive Garden, and drank sparkling cider in plastic hotel cups. 

We woke up Saturday Morning, took SERIOUS advantage of the free breakfast, checked out, and went antique shopping at some of our favorite old haunts.

We drove to Lava Hot Springs via the Scenic route. I didn't realize what a cute little town Lava was.

Lava was lovely. We had dinner at a cute local diner and had another fabulous waitress. We soaked in the hot tubs, watched some tv, and passed out in our beds due to exhaustion. We drove home the next morning and went with my parent's to visit the grave site of my Grandma and Grandpa in Morgan.
 This is my Grandma's grandparents.
 This is Indy in the car, keeping us all entertained.

 My grandma and grandpa.

It was a lovely memorial day. Here's to many more years with my darling husband!

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