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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wicked Weekend

This weekend I had the opportunity of a lifetime.

My fun aunts and cousins planned a Wicked Weekend for moms and daughters.

On Friday afternoon, Mom, Melissa, Michelle, and I all piled into the Buick. We drove the 5 1/2 to Boise and met with the family.We had a fun night of visiting, manicuring, and snacking.

The decorations really set the mood

Saturday morning we went shopping and had lunch at the mall.

We went back to Breya's house and make some cute necklaces.

We got ready for the show and had a mini cousin reunion!

Debra made this little witchy hats for us. They were such a hit at the show! People were asking us where we bought them.

The hosts surprised us with this "broom" to take us to the show. It was so awesome. It really took this experience to the next level.

The inside was just as cool as the outside!
Grandpa got a sneak peek of limo. We'll have to get him inside next time.

We were quite the spectacle when we arrived

The matching witches hats made it easy to find the members of our group. We actually had people stop and ask to take our picture.


My many attempts at getting a decent picture with Melissa....

We were being "wicked" in this last picture

The awesome stage.

My hat and special green fingernails.

Our post-show quiz for newbies.

(I'm more like Elphaba)

Sunday Morning we were gifted with these cookies from Alane.

Who was sad it was all over....

This weekend went above and beyond my expectations. I was just blown away by the show and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the company of my extended family.

I can't wait for wicked to come to Salt Lake.

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