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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Best of the Past 6 Months: Yellowstone

*cricket sounds*

Well, I have to say I'm somewhat ashamed of myself. My last post date was in June. JUNE! Well, I think I pretty much killed all interest anyone had in following me.

For anyone who is still out there following me, here's a little review of the last 6 months.

Right around the time we went out to see Wicked and my graduation, I had a few interviews.

On May 25th, I got hired at St. Joseph Villa.St. Joe's is a long term care facility, or more commonly known as a Nursing Home. I'm a social worker there and I have about 60-75 Residents that I look after. The social workers are responsible for most of the family contact and the resident's mental and emotional well being. I've really enjoyed working with the elderly. Most of my residents are very sweet.

My new job has kept me VERY busy. I really haven't had time to make things any more. It's quite sad. But, Brent and I have been doing a lot of fun things whenever we can.

In July, we went to Yellow Stone with my parents. Neither Brent nor I had ever been before it was really spectacular.

1 comment:

alane said...

M'Recia! I have missed you! So glad to see that you are back.
Your yellowstone trip looked so fun! Except where are the throwing kids in the lake pictures? Ask your mom about those!!!