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Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011!

Brent and I loaded up all these gifts and spent Christmas Eve night at my parent's with my brother and sister. As is tradition, we woke up early (6 am) and got crack-a-lacking!

We admired all these gifts and then we teared in to them!

Melissa, Marc, Brent, Mom, Dad, and I all opened our gifts bright and early. We had a great time at church and relaxed until it was time to go to Brent's parent's house.

Later, Michelle and Jeff came over and opened gift's at my parents' house.

 Preston slept through many festivities, just like last year.

We ate a lovely Christmas dinner, then Matt and Kathy showed up with their kids. 
Which meant...more presents!

Preston finally woke up to enjoy the festivities as well.

We all spent the next several days together: eating, laughing, playing games...

...and getting schooled by Kathy at Monopoly!

Cousins played and got to be friends, especially these two.

And everyone got to see Grandma Tibbitts:

We were all sad for Matt and Kathy to go home and for the festivities to be over. We can't wait until next year.


alane said...

what a great post!!! I loved all the pictures, except there were none of YOU!!! Love that last one with the great grands!!

Kathy said...

Thanks M'Recia for being our documenter. It was a great time. We love you guys.

M'Recia said...

Alane, if I take the pictures, there usually aren't any of me. :)