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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zion National Park Trip: Grafton's Other Structures

Remember how was wanted to take a brick at the last place? Well, as we wandered further into town, we were really glad we didn't! They are serious about preserving this place.

There were 3 structures on the north-west side of the town: The old Church/School building and two homes. 

Once again, we were greeted with some informative signs:

This old building was built in 1886. It was used as a School and a Church for the town, as well as a community center. 
You can see the inside structure here. This was the only building we couldn't go inside.

This house was next to the Church/School. It was actively being renovated, but it was still mostly original when we were there.

Next we saw the other home on the property:

More to come!

Zion National Park Trip: Grafton Ghost Town House 1

After the cemetery, we headed down a different road for about 1/2 mile and we came upon a few of the remaining structures of the town.

According to this website, Grafton is a happy medium between being over abandoned with nothing to see and over-commercialized with little of the original structures left. "Grafton was established in 1859, to provide a settlement for people to grow cotton on the fertile plains next to the Virgin River. Frequent floods and Indian attacks caused problems for early pioneers, but some persisted and the town became quite successful, lasting until the 1930s when residents moved away to better land in Hurricane, 30 miles west. The town site is a few hundred meters beyond the cemetery - several large buildings including a two-story private residence and a combined church/schoolhouse built in1886. A few people continue to live in other houses in the neighborhood, and some parts of the former village are fenced off yet the site is still quite atmospheric and authentic, with peaceful surroundings and with the high, colorful cliffs of the national park providing a dramatic backdrop to the north."

The first old structure we saw was a house.

Melissa thought that Brent looked pretty gangster in the picture above. I was showing her how gangster I was as well.

According to a pamphlet we picked up, several movies were shot in Grafton, including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
...crude bridge to the house from the main road.
This door has bullet holes in it. Awesome, right?
This opens up to an attic above the kitchen

These old houses did not hurt for fireplaces...

It also had this neat cellar type thing. We were tempted to take a brick for memory's sake, but then we decided we'd probably get in trouble. 

The exterior had this really neat brick wall...
 Which turned out to be a perfect backdrop for shooting photos.

more to come!