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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our 2012 Chirstmas Letter

Merry Christmas, everyone! We have had a very busy year with lots of changes.

Last year we started our house hunt. We looked at over 20 houses and put offers on 5. 
However, since most almost all of the houses we looked out were short sales, so we didn't have much luck our offers. 

Some were scary. 

 Some needed to be cleaned up.

 Some had small kitchens.

 Some had big bedrooms.

 Some had yellow paint.

 Some were small.

 Some were bigger.

 Some looked vintage.

 But there was one we loved the best. 

We called it the "kinect" house because it had a room big enough to play with our xbox kinect in it. We put an offer on it in January, and it was accepted and it was going to go to the bank. But, a few days later, someone else put a higher offer on it. We put in a higher offer than that, but it wasn't high enough. It was really frustrating because we didn't know how much the other offer was, but we put down as much as we could. 

Short sales always have a back up offer and so our offer stayed on as a back up. We continued to look at other houses and put out a few more offers. 

Then, in the spring, we got awesome news! We were informed that the first offer on the house pulled out and we were now the first offer. Our offer went to the bank and then we waited and waited and waited. Our offer was finally accepted in April and we moved into our house on May 26, 2012 (the day before our third anniversary). 

Anyway, we LOVE our house. I'll have to post more pictures of it. We're ALMOST done up-packing.

We had a lot of opportunities to travel this year as well. 

 For Christmas last year, Brent bought me a trip to go to Zion National Park. We were driving there and realized that Melissa's school was right enroute. We picked her up last minute and enjoyed spending the weekend with her.

In March we went to California. We got some great deals on plane tickets and went to see Brent's family in Ventura.

In July we went to Denver and spent some time with Matt and Kathy, M'Recia's brother and sister-in-law.

For M'Recia's birthday in September, Brent bought a trip to Moab. We took Melissa and Annie with us.

We also expanded our family by 2. In July, we decided we wanted to adopt some Golden Retrievers. We drove to Twin Falls and picked up our puppies.

These dogs, Belle and Beast, have been a great blessing. They are very well behaved and have plenty of love to give. 

Brent is still working at Wise Food Storage and is very happy there. M'Recia was working at At Home Personal Care, but her position was recently eliminated and she has since found a job at a care center close to home. She will start next week. 

We moved into a new ward and it has been wonderful. We have been very well received and love our new neighbors. M'Recia is teaching Relief Society and Brent is teaching  Elder's Quorum. 

We started our adoption application in May. We have been trying to get it completed since then, but we've had a hard time getting the right insurance in place. However, we are going to get the insurance in place in about a month with M'Recia's new job. Then, we'll have an active application. We have a blog to promote our adoption efforts at .

Anyway, 2012 has been very exciting. We can't wait to see what we do in 2013!


alane said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! you have been missed!!! Love you story and your pics are both look so festive in your outfits! And the dogs steal the show almost!! Love those retrievers!!

Joy said...

Such a fun post - and a full year -- you guys are a lot of fun so glad you are part of my family...

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...


where do you get all your adorable dresses from?

we changed our blog to

M'Recia said...

Thanks Valerie!

I got the dress from a store called Bettie Page they have at the Gateway here in SLC. I'll have to check out your new blog!