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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New York City, Part 3


After we left Central Park, we found our way to the LDS temple in Manhattan.

It’s really strange to see such a familiar and iconic building in such an unfamiliar place. It was also kind of jarring how it’s just sitting in the block like any other building.

There was a huge shift in feeling inside. We weren’t able to go into the temple itself (didn’t have time,) but the third floor serves an a meeting house. It looked just like several meeting houses back home. We may as well have been back in Utah. It was very quiet and peaceful. It was neat to see a piece of something I love in this city.



We went through Grand Central Station to get to the other side of the city. 



Since they were still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, Ellis Island was closed. We rode the free ferry to Staten Island and went right past Lady Liberty.


At that point, we hoped to go the the 9-11 memorial in a cathedral, but it was closed. :(


On the upside, we did get some yummy food while waiting for the ferry.


DSC05694DSC05698If we would have been able to make it into the 9-11 memorial, this is where it would have been.

We were getting close to time to get to the airport. We grabbed some dinner and headed back to the dreaded subway!


We got back to JFK, and realized we were VERY lost. JFK is big and our tickets didn’t say where our terminal was. We ended up finding out our flight was in a terminal that was going to be closed in a few days and clear across the airport. We full on RAN across the airport and got to security in the correct terminal. We could hear them paging “last call” for our flight and were pretty panicky. However, we made in on just in time.

New York was awesome. I don’t think I would like living there, but visiting was amazing! I hope we can go back some day. I don’t know if we’ll ever get the hang of the way the j-walk there. We almost got him by a car because we’re not good at it! We also were surprised by how nice everyone was. Not at all snooty like we had heard. Busy, yes, but not rude or impersonal.

I’ll work on posting our pictures from London soon!

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