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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New York City- Part 1

My my my, I have gotten very terrible and sad at blogging. I’m hoping to find a way to do it offline so it doesn’t take so long. We’ll see.

Brent and I threw caution to the wind several months ago (April/May) and took an amazing trip. Our first stop was a day in New York City. We hopped on a plane in SLC at midnight and arrived in NYC at 6 am (and lost 2 hours). We got very little sleep on our 4 hour red eye.


This was our first view (sorry for the blurry picture) from the plane. It was neat to fly in over the water.



Here are Brent and I looking so very tired (and feeling so very tired) after we stepped off the plane.


And here we are again after we stepped out of the subway. We got cleaned up and got some food and I think we look much healthier. :)


This was the first thing we saw after we stepped out of the subway. After getting very few hours of sleep and riding the crazy, hot, crowded, disgusting subway (I wasn’t a fan), this was a bit crazy. It was like “bam this is New York City, fool!”



The first thing we did when we got out of the subway was scare up some breakfast. We went to this place called Guy and Gallad and got some breakfast.

The next thing we decided to do was try to find Mood. Mood is a fabric store featured on Project Runway. DSC05401DSC05389DSC05391DSC05398

Calling Mood a fabric store doesn’t quite seem right. I think of JoAnns as a fabric store. This was like…Fabric Heaven. We enjoyed running around the store looking at all the cool fabrics and Brent even picked some stuff out for a tie. The other enjoyable part of Mood was tracking down the dog we saw on TV dozens of time…Swatch! Swatch was surprisingly not very social, however, and kind of preferred not letting me pet him.


I was pretty fascinated by these duct tape dresses we saw in a store window. They seemed very, “New York” to me.


We continued around the city and saw a lot of interesting things.

We saw signs pointing us toward the Empire State building and started heading that direction.


We didn’t make it inside this time because they wanted $25 per person and a long time in line for it. We figured we’d make it back some day and our objective was to see as much as possible.

After checking for directions in 1 of like a billion Star Bucks, we headed toward the New York Public Library.


This place was extremely interesting and beautiful. It truly puts the Davis County libraries to shame. We could have easily spent the entire day here, but we settled for about 20 or 30 minutes.

I’ll go ahead and stop here with this post and continue with more soon. I composed this post offline with the Window’s Live Writer and it saved me a TON of time. I think I put this together in about 20 minutes where usually a post this picture heavy would have taken me a few hours. Hopefully that means more blogging in my future!

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