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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Bath, a Pass, and a Fail

 Brent and I got to give Patrick a bath today. 

 He didn't love it, but he didn't hate it either. 

Being naked is pretty cold business

 The NICU nurses are almost ready to open their own infant photography business. They've been great to take pictures for us.

 The nurse on last night showed us how to feed Patrick like this, on his side. It's really improved how he eats and we're glad to have this trick up our sleeve. 

 Brent and I worked on adjusting the straps on the car seat. Brent's face pretty accurately describes how he feels about it. 

 Patrick had his car seat study today and passed that. He had to have stable oxygen and heart rate for 3 hours in the car seat. 

 Patrick also had his altitude test today. He has to be under this dome for 6 hours. Because Utah is at a different altitude than Utah, they need to see he will do where the percentage of oxygen in the air is lower.

 Sadly, his oxygen sats dropped during this test. He will need oxygen for the plane ride home and for the first little while he is at home in Utah. They said he should adjust pretty quickly and hopefully it won't take long until he's used to the altitude of his new home.

I discovered this in his room yesterday. They must have done in Tucson around Easter when he was tinier. He is so small now and his hands and feet look quite large compared to these. I'm so glad someone did this so we could have a little keepsake of when he was so small.

As far as going home is concerned, it sounds like we'll be allowed to leave Arizona as soon as we get FBI clearances. We're going to hopefully be able to take care of those this weekend and get out of here Tuesday.

Thanks again for everyone's love and prayers!


shirley elizabeth said...

I love your wonderful news! I'm in Mesa, not even far, so if you need food, support, whatever. I also have a sister at Phoenix Children's, and she'll be there tomorrow. She works in the PICU, but can go between. If you need any help or connection inside...

Tami Spraycar said...

I am truly enjoying all of these updates!!! It is SO MUCH FUN!!! I am glad he passed his car seat test. That is a bummer about the oxygen test, but I am sure he will do just fine...once he gets use to the climate here. He is such a little CUTEY!!! You two look like you are having the time of your lives!!! I am glad that you have that little keepsake...of his feet and hands. You will cherish that forever...I am sure.

Meridee said...

Wow! We are so pleased that a new baby has come into your life. Congratulations from Stuart and Meridee Hatch.