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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Airplanes and Oxygen

 As Melissa suggested, here are some pictures of me holding Patrick. I do not let Brent completely dominate the holding!

 So, we're still in the NICU. Because he failed his altitude test yesterday, they want us to stay here until we have oxygen figured out for the flight and for home. The big debate during the doctor's rounds this morning is if Airline's allow oxygen in flight.

After the rounds with the doctor, I called American Airlines and spent about 45 minutes on the phone with a reservation specialist and figured out flying without a birth certificate and found out that he can have an oxygen concentrator if it's from the preferred list.

I booked a flight for Tuesday afternoon and found out I can change it to a later date if I need to. I decided to book now, even though we haven't gotten a green light to leave Arizona, because the airline requires at least 48 hours notice to book a flight with an oxygen concentrator. After I booked the flight, I called American Airlines to tell them I would be traveling with a concentrator. They informed me that the are merging with US Airways and then told me that the flight would actually be operated by American Airways. They connected me to American Airways and I was on hold for ever. Someone finally got on and told me that American Airways has its own list of concentrators that were approved. I had to scurry out to let the nurse know that we had to make sure the concentrator they order is good for both airlines, just in case I have to change my flight. Luckily, after comparing lists, it looks like they are mostly the same. As soon we have the oxygen figured out, I think we can probably discharge from the hospital.

I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do once Brent leaves to go home tomorrow and I don't have a car. I'm also going to try to send him with as much as my stuff as possible since I'm going to have to fly home with all the stuff I hold on to.

We also made a little progress with the Interstate Compact stuff today. Rachel, our Heart and Soul caseworker, was awesome and found us a place that did fingerprints that was open today. We drove out there this morning and after spending $200 on application fees, finger prints, computer rental, and overnighting our package, we should be able to have our finger prints for our FBI clearances to Chicago by Monday at 10:30 am. They should process those and as soon as we have the results emailed to us, we need to send them to Rachel. Once Rachel has them, she will send them to the Arizona people who want to see them. After that, we should be clear to leave Arizona. I'm really hoping that we can be home by then because Brent is going to be leaving town for work on Thursday morning. We'll be pretty bummed if we only get to spend a few hours with Brent before we're seperated again, but we'll do what it takes.

Thank you for everyone's continued support. I'll update again when I know more about what is going on!


Tami Spraycar said...

I love the picture of you and Patrick. They are VERY CUTE!!! I am glad that things are moving right along. I hope that the FBI will process the paperwork quickly, so you will be cleared to come back to Utah. It sounds like things are going well with the airlines. I hope that you can make it home before Brent has to go out of town for work. Thanks, for keeping us posted. It is fun to see how things are going.

Kathy said...

I love the pictures of you holding baby Patrick. You look just beautiful and glowy. I know it's not a word. We have been praying for you guys. Our hearts are full of love for you all.