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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bye, Daddy

Here's another video for you folks at home. It's amazing how different this little guy is from the first day we met him. We had to consistently wake him up to eat, and now he's pretty consistently "awake and hungry" every 2 1/2 or 3 hours and is eating all his formula plus a little more. I like to think he just needed a mommy and daddy to love on him in order to thrive.

We had a neat opportunity to have some people Brent spent time with on his mission come visit us. It's very special for Brent that we got Patrick from where he served his mission.

Brent got a few more snuggles in this morning before he had to leave. It was really hard for me to say goodbye to Brent and the dogs and for Brent to say goodbye to Patrick and Me. I can count the number of nights we have spent apart in the 5 years we've been married on one hand. I just want my little family all to be together, but we will be patient and do what it takes. 

We reluctantly packed up everything that I couldn't live without and sent it home with Brent today. Since I'm going to be flying home, I wanted to keep as little as possible. 

Brent and the dogs are enroute home and Brent will have to get back to normal life tomorrow. 

The current plan for Patrick and I is to stay in the hospital until Tuesday and if we are able to leave when I have my flight booked, take a Taxi straight to the airport. If we are not able to leave the state on Tuesday and I have to push my flight back, they may try to keep us here in the hospital or I may go stay with my friend. I won't know any more about where we are in the process until Monday.

Keep hoping and praying that all our paperwork goes through and that I'm able to get on the flight on Tuesday afternoon. Thanks again for everyone's support.


JoyousJulia said...

That love stuff is pretty powerful!

Tami Spraycar said...

What a cute video and cute little guy!!! I would say that you are more right about him just needing a Mommy and Daddy...than not. We all need love and when we are lacking it...we seem to weaken. I am hoping and praying that you can get the paperwork and cleared to come home SOON. Keep us posted!!!

Anja Christiansen said...

Congrats!!! He is so cute!!! We will be crossing our fingers that you will get to come home soon! (So we can meet this special guy! :)

Laurie Earl said...

He is adorable! Can't wait to see him in person when you get home! How much does he weigh now?

alane said...

we are all cheering you parents. Sorry Brent had to go and dogs will do great mama bear!!