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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

Patrick and I checked out of the NICU Monday night and my awesome friend Deneigh came and picked us up.

We fiddled with the car seat and finally figured it out enough that the man who escorted us out of the hospital was satisfied and let us drive away.

Deneigh and her mom were amazing! They fed me, cooed at my baby, and were so hospitable! Thanks again for giving me a good place to stay. My only regret is that I forgot to get a picture of us together!

We loaded up all of our (let's be honest, most of it was Patrick's stuff) stuff and I some how made it through the airport by myself. We were quite popular and everyone had a story about a NICU baby to share.

Getting past security was interesting. Since I had a babe in arms, I didn't go through the regular security procedure. They wiped my hands with something and I tested positive for explosives. (I am wondering what baby stuff is explosive?) I had to go into a special room to get patted down and I watched them go through my entire bag. It was really a funny experience. I'm sure I am one of the few people to go through the second level of security who was being fussed over because I have an adorable tiny baby. While they were patting me down making sure I wasn't smuggling anything nefarious on the plane, I was being congratulated and fussed over. It made me chuckle.

Once I got to the gate, I had the people who were waiting with me absolutely lose it over Patrick.
I told them the entire adoption story and people kept telling me how brave I was to fly with him alone. I did have his oxygen concentrator to haul around, but honestly, I've flown 15 times in the past 13 months, so I am pretty comfortable with the airport.

We got personally escorted and preboarded by a nice Welsh flight attendant (I thought she sounded Irish and I got very excited)

I had to break down the concentrator and all my luggage into pieces that fit in the overhead bins and under the seat. It was quite time consuming, but a little baby causes people to be very patient .

We got all hooked up and survived the 1 hour flight. He was so over stimulated that he slept like a log. 

Brent let the Young Women know we were coming home and they made us this adorable sign! We feel so loved!

 The puppies met Patrick. They are still adjusting, but things are going well. 

And, we did get to spend some time with Brent before he had to leave on his trip today.

People were very generous and I came home to this:

It's so good to be home!


Rachel said...

What a sweet ending and beginning! My 2 siblings are adopted and I remember the pure relief my parents had when they finally got home with them :). Congrats, and thanks for sharing your story! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the pictures of Brent looking at Patrick! You can just see his overwhelming love for Patrick!!

alane said...

you are so brave...M'Recia. Heavenly Father has given you the strengh to do hard things. All for the love of this little baby that loves you! We are so happy for you!!!

alane said...

oh and the doggies meeting him? PRICELESS...Patrick is gunna love them too!!