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Friday, May 16, 2014


Good Morning! We have a rare spotting of Patrick's eyes. He's had a good time looking around and figuring out who mommy and daddy are. 

And for his grandmas and aunts and everyone out there who is dying because they can't be here with him, here's a little video: 

Anyway, I know lots of your are dying for an update. 

Here's what's going on right now. 

  • Patrick is being a very good baby and is eating all his meals through his bottle! They should hopefully discharge us from the hospital soon because he is eating so well.
  • They have to do a car seat test and an altitude test to make sure he will be able to tolerate both before we're able to leave. We had a little hiccup with that yesterday because in order to do the carseat test, Brent and I have to show that we're competent with the car seat. When I went to read the manual yesterday, we discovered it was all in Spanish. Fortunately, the NICU nurses helped me find a similar manual online in English and I got to be pretty familiar with his car seat. 
  •  When you adopt in one state and are trying to go back in live in another state, there is something called ICP (Interstate Compact something....) that basically says Patrick can't leave Arizona until both Arizona and Utah agree on the adoption. Our adoption team was hoping that wasn't going to be necessary in this situation because of Patrick's medical needs, but it looks like Utah/Arizona haven't responded to the request to waive the ICP yet. That means that Patrick might be stuck in Arizona for a while before we can leave.
So here's the plan:

Brent has to be back to work on Monday. Unless a miracle happens and the ICP stuff goes through, it looks like Patrick won't be ready to leave the state by Sunday.

Brent and the dogs will drive home Sunday and depending on if Patrick has been discharged from the hospital, I will either stay here with him or go to be with my friend who is visiting her parents in Mesa. Whenever Patrick is given the green light to go, we're hoping to be able to fly home.

Here's the other tricky part: I don't have Patrick's birth certificate yet, so I will have to work on tracking down the appropriate documents to fly with him.

This is all very stressful and complicated, but we are SO HAPPY! We feel like we've found the missing piece and our life and we couldn't love our little peanut any more.

 Here's a picture of him holding daddy's finger

 A few minutes of open eye time. 

We are so ready to say goodbye to all these cords. They've told us here he's stable, but they have to monitor oxygen and heart rate for every NICU baby.

Yesterday I noticed that his little vital signs stickers had puppies on them. I thought they were cute.


Joy said...

Brent looks like he is getting a hold on this....

Stephanie said...

You shouldn't need a birth certificate to fly with him. I have flown with Matthew four times and they have NEVER asked for anything at all... so don't let that be a hiccup unless your airline requires it. :)First time was at 6 weeks.

Bonnie said...

Agree with the above! Try not to worry :)

Stepheni Beckman said...

They only want the birth certificate to verify your baby is under 2 if you are flying with him for free. We didn't have ours but since it was obvious our baby was under 2 they let it slide. They don't need it to get through security or anything. Congrats!

Tami Spraycar said...

He is such a CUTEY!!! I am SO HAPPY for you!!! Congratulations!!!

Brissa said...

He is just the sweetest thing!!!

Kathy said...

So glad to hear things are moving along. He is beautiful