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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Craziest 48 Hours of My Life!

 Greetings from Phoenix:
What you're seeing is right. That is us with a baby boy! He's signed, sealed, and delivered and all ours. No name yet since we're still in shock. 

Anyway, here's the story.

We recently started working with another adoption agency in addition to LDS family services. We were working on getting all our paperwork together for Heart and Soul when we were presented with this little guys story. We decided to say no to it, but couldn't quite get it out of our mind. Monday we prayed about it and then told our casework we wanted to be shown to the family. She told us that the family had told them to pick a family and that if we wanted him he was ours. It's the craziest decision we've ever made, but it feels right. We scurried around Monday night and Tuesday morning to get the rest of our paperwork ready for the adoption. We signed papers and gave away all our money on Monday night. We loaded ourselves and the dogs in the car and drove to Phoenix.

Last night (Tuesday night) we arrived in Phoenix after 11 hours in the car and are staying with a woman who we were connected with through some of the people Brent knows from his mission (He served his mission in Phoenix from 2007-2009).

We were able to meet baby this morning. We were originally told we could take him home tomorrow and were hoping to surprise everyone with him, but things have changed.

Baby boy was born at on April 3, 2014 at 31 weeks in Tucson. He was life flighted to Phoenix Children's hospital earlier this week. He has several things going on right now.

  • Since baby was born at 31 weeks and weighed about 3.2 pounds, he is behind. He has just barely started eating on his own. He was doing really well for awhile, but was not able to drink his entire bottle last night so the replaced the feeding tube. He has to stay in the NICU until he is able to drink all his formula for a few consecutive days with weight gain before he can discharge.
  • He has a problems with his kidneys. We were under the understanding that he had one kidney that was blocked that could be solved with simple surgery. We got to the hospital today and learned that things were actually much more complicated. He has one (left) kidney with lots of cysts that is only is functioning at 15 percent. This kidney is not expected to get any better, but they kept telling us he can live with one kidney and be fine. The (right) kidney has a blockage that is keeping it from functioning at 100%. He will need surgery sooner or later to open up that blockage. His labs are currently looking ok and we have been given instructions to make appointments with various people when we get home to continue to have the kidneys monitored. It sounds like the most likely scenario is that he should have adequate kidney function if they are able to remove the blockage in the right kidney. 
  • His birth mother smoked cigarettes throughout the pregnancy and tested positive for meth at time of delivery. They are thinking that the meth use is what caused her to go into labor. He did not have withdrawals at time of birth, so they think the amount of meth he was exposed to in utero was not enough to worry too much.
Plans are really up in the air right now. They story and the plan keeps changing. Initially, we thought we were driving down to meet him and they were talking about removing the blockage from the kidney right now here in Phoenix. Once they realized we were going to adopt him, they started talking about life flighting him to primary children's and having the surgery done there.

 We drove here yesterday half wondering if we were going to get a phone call to turn around and come back because he was being life flighted. He is currently on Arizona Medicaid and they were hoping to get him on Utah medicaid and move him. Since he was life flighted from Tuscon to Phoenix they would not allow another life flight. We were told yesterday that he would be able to discharge Thursday morning. However, when we got here today, we found out that he needed the feeding tube last night so he isn't able to leave.

Right now we're being told that he will probably need to stay until Saturday or Sunday or maybe early next week.

That's all we know right now. We've been really busy with trying to feed him, meeting with doctors, social workers, trying to make appointments and such that we figured the best way to get everyone on board was through the blog. We'll try to keep it updated.

Thanks to everyone's help!


Bryce Spencer said...

Holy cow this is amazing. I am so excited for you and Brent!

jonmatifa said...

Wow that's amazing news I'm sure you're both totally overwhelmed. Congratulation!

Melissa Spencer said...

Sorry other neices, nephews, and Bryce but it looks like i have a new favorite member of the family. I seriously can't wait to meet this kid and love him all over. Congrats again. You guys have waited so long for this

Kathy said...

Just one congratulation, Marc? That's kind of stingy. Congratulation from us too. There, now you have two.

Cassi said...

yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! Robert and I are so happy for you!!!!!!! Concordats! Praying for all of you!

alane said...

Oh you cute parents you!!!! I am so freakin excited for you!!!!!! What. Miracle and he is ..uh. Darling!!!!!
Can't wait to meet him!!!!

The Griffins said...

I am in shock for you! What a wonderful amazing blessing. He is adorable and I am beyond happy that you two finally get to be parents. You deserve it! Congrats!!!!!!

jonmatifa said...

My only regret is that I have but one congratulation to give.

Brissa said...

My heart is so full of love for the three of you right now. Yay!!!! I hope he starts eating and you guys can take him home soon!

Kacee Kraczek said...

I am SO excited for you! You are such a cute family!! Congrats!

Joy said...

Slow to get on the band wagon, but I have had some shopping to do....We are thrilled over the moon -- Lucky little guy!

Stacy Jean said...

Wow!! Awesome, congratulations!!

Shawna said...

Congrats! He was born on Bailey's birthday which means he's a fighter. We will keep you in our prayers that he will eat on his own and build up hud strength.